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Bubble lump in stomach

pains in stomach with lump around belly.

Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum
Hard Lump in Stomach bubble of air stuck in my throat!!.
Strange Bubble/lump On Gums? . Looking for some guidance and any help is greatly appreciated. Within the last month I noticed that I had a small lump above my last
air bubble in my throat!! Hi, for a few weeks now iv had sort of a lump of air in my throat as if i really need to burp, it makes my mouth water like
I have a puppy with a soft lump on.
perineum mass/lump - Colon Cancer.
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Dental Health Forum - Strange Bubble/lump.
15.06.2008  Best Answer: It sounds very much like an umbilical hernia, if it's at the point where his belly button should be. There are different types of hernia, some

I AM 28 AND FOR THE PAST YEAR NOW I HAVE HAD NUMERUS PROBLEMS WITH MY STOMACH. I'll start with a year ago i went to the hospital about 6 times because i had lower
really embarassed to ask this, to scared to go to the dr's, even thou im a 47 year old female who's had children. I feel as if i have a lump/mass internally between

Bubble lump in stomach

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bubble of air stuck in my throat!!. Dental Health Forum - Strange Bubble/lump.

Bubble lump in stomach

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My husband has a hard lump on his pointer finger near the joint,he said it is painless,but Im concerned. What is this lump?is it cancerous? will it go away? should he
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